About Us

OTTO has emerged from passion. I came from a restaurant family and having owned three restaurants myself, this company was inevitable. My family’s passion for cooking and the outdoors was the inspiration for OTTO. Being the son of an Italian immigrant, we spent most of our time either inside the kitchen or outside BBQing with the family!

My professional experiences, from hospitality to the art of landscaping, make me unique in this business. I have always felt it important to translate the visions from a client into something more than they have imagined. It is my pleasure to take you through your journey.

Let your backyard be an extension of your home and imagine the possibilities.”

With this fast modern society, we all need options to enjoy our comforts at a much more personal and intimate level then before. The aesthetic idea is just as important to us as the function and the way you use your backyard. Think about how you like to live and entertain and let us figure how we can incorporate that with nature.

In the end, I know that what you want is to look at your property and see the beauty we’ve created. By WE, I mean you and OTTO Outdoor Kitchens. Any luxury you can imagine from your inside kitchen can be shared and enjoyed at any comfort level, budget or style . . . outside.

Let’s take it Over The Top!

Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of OTTO Outdoor Kitchens to:

  • Create exquisite properties for our clients.
  • Leave every project in a condition we ourselves would want to inhabit.
  • Alter nature only as necessary and never destroy recklessly. Replenish nature’s beauty and enrich the lives of our clients, the architects, the craftsmen and everyone we meet.